Tourism Planning Design
From the planning of large-scale tourist scenic spots to theme park planning, hot spring resort planning and beautiful rural planning, Haihai always exerts an exciting performance in design and implementation form while paying attention to the overall goal of planning base.

architectural design
Deep Oriental culture, simple and elegant forms of expression, rich imagination, the starting point of romanticism falls on rigorous functional and technical thinking, Hai's architectural design always in deep consideration and overall environmental coordination Based on the interpretation of people unexpected wonderful and vivid.

Landscape Design

Tirelessly excavating the context of the site and assiduously pursuing the expressiveness of modern technology. Under the premise of full respect for nature, respect for history and protection of ecology, Haihai constantly creates a space for dialogue between tradition and modernity.

Kids play equipment

Break the visual boundaries of the past, and strive for another kind of harmonious design. In addition to the beauty, functionality, durability, and child ergonomics of the product itself, it offers outstanding advantages and further enhances the level of environmental facilities.